Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hooligans in Germany getting more violent

Today, German police had their first of six seminars covering the threat of hooliganism at the World Cup. When asked about the tactics of modern hooligans, Chief Inspector Dieter Schneider said, "the time of fist fights is over. Now people are kicked even when they are lying helplessly on the ground."

With 10,000 'fans' registered as violent-prone in Germany, there is a great deal of concern. Police seem to have more fear in attacks happening in open downtown squares (where the matches will be shown on large screens) then in the stadiums.

As I've stated before, hooliganism is the worse side of this wonderful game. Anyone who goes after someone else over a sporting match is nothing short of a worthless piece of ass waste. It is also a shame that with all the other security situations the police and other officials will have to deal with, that they will have to waste so much time, energy and money are these folks.

I just hope it does not ruin what should be the second greatest sporting event in the world (the first being any monster truck rally or maybe the Summer Olympics).


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