Monday, September 26, 2005

MLS Week 26 Recap

Sure enough, the Revs and the MetroStars did not have a repeat of goalfest '05, but it was still fun to watch. Lots of good defense and great saves from both keepers kept this match under control. However, the Revs were better on the night and deserved the three points. Thankfully for them, Pat Noonan was able to cross a ball into the box that found Taylor Twellman's head. Twellman knocked the ball to the feet of James Riley who got the one and only goal of the night in the 85th. Great team goal for a great team. New England is now in the playoffs and eight points up on second place DC (although DC have one extra game in hand). New England 1 - MetroStars 0

The Columbus Crew did what so many MLS sides have done all season long against Real Salt Lake, they came into town, got 2 goals and left with a win. Now it does not always take 2 goals to beat Real at home, but if you get two, you will not be leaving without any points. In fact, Real has tied twice and lost four times when the opposition has scored 2 or more goals. For RSL, they have lost five straight and have not won in their lost nine. They had flashes of okay ness, but overall, most uninspiring. The Crew managed to keep their playoff hopes alive for at least another week, but it would take a total collapse of both the MetroStars and KC for that to happen. RSL 1 - Crew 2

What can I say about Chivas? They looked real good early, but then fell to pieces. They were able to get the first goal of the night in the 19th, but they surrendered it just six minutes later. Yes, the penalty kick Colorado was rewarded a few minutes after the half was not justified, but they does not explain the lack of passion felt for most of the second half. Colorado deserved a third goal and got it in extra time. All and all another bad night for Chivas. The Rapids have got to be happy with this outcome as well as the fact that 3 of their final 4 matches are against either Chivas (5 Oct) or Real Salt Lake (1 & 12 Oct). Chivas 1 - Colorado 3

Wow, did FC Dallas look good on Saturday night. It was really an amazing thing to watch. Their defense held strong and their offense was surging. The only problem they seemed to have was finding net. It took a pk by Ramon Nunez to put the visitors on top, but it was not meant to be. San Jose was able to tie it up in the 68th off a play that not one, not two, but three Quake players offside. Somehow the linesman did not notice this obvious violation and San Jose was able to get a goal. But even then, they almost didn't get it past the back charging defensive line. Dallas really should have walked out of the stadium with all three points, but what can you do. Bad calls are made. San Jose 1 - FCD 1

Although it was harder then one would have expected, LA was able to send the Wizards home with nothing. The Gal's got two goals on the night and guess who was behind both of them? Does the name Landon Donovan mean anything to you? The first LA goal came off of a quick pass from the US national star. He found Herculez Gomez alone at the top of the area. Gomez did not waste the opportunity and rocketed in a shot from about 18 yards. The second goal was off a free kick. Donovan lunch a wonderful cross deep into the box and Marcelo Saragosa headed it into the back corner. KC did get a goal in between the two by LA, but the score was only knotted for two minutes, so it was hard to notice. All and all, the Galaxy looked good on the night, but not great. For KC, they missed a chance to gain some points on the MetroStars. They still sit in fourth place, but only by three points. LA 2 - KC 1

My Guesses vs. Final Scores
Game (my guess) Final score
New England - MetroStars (3-1) 1-0
RSL - Columbus Crew (0-1) 1-2
Chivas - Colorado (1-3) 1-3
San Jose - FCD (2-1) 1-1
LA - KC (3-1) 2-1

This week 4-1
Total so far this season 32-29
This is the first time I have been over .500 during the season. Hay!


Blogger twellmanrulz said...

I think that the Revs will win the Mls cup what do you think

6:17 PM  
Blogger Mike H said...

twellmanrulz, the Revs have looked strong and I would be surprised if they did not take the East. As far as the whole thing, I think San Jose has a chance, as does FCD if they can put a few more pieces of the puzzle together, but all and all, New England has got to be the favorite.

10:20 AM  

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