Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bad Day for the U-17s

Sometimes it is just not your side’s day. The U-17 men looked alright yesterday, but luck just was not with them. Everything from defender Kevin Alston breaking his leg in the 15th to all those shots off the bar, did not work for them. They had so many good chances on goal, but things were always just a bit off. For the Netherlands, they didn't throw many punches, but they managed to connect on a lot of them. It's a shame to see this tournament come to an end in this manor for the US, but they should not be hanging their heads in shame. There was a lot of good play out of the team over the four matches and they generated a great deal of excitement back home. Good showing all around.

In other U-17 news, Brazil had a scare against the North Koreans, but were able to pull out a 3-1 win.

Final four schedule
Thursday @ 4pm CST Mexico - Netherlands
Thursday @ 7pm CST Turkey - Brazil


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