Thursday, September 29, 2005

Brazilian Ref Fesses Up

The saga of Brazil’s referee problems continues. Paulo Jose Danelon has confessed to fixing three matches for about $4400 a game. However, Danelon is the lesser of the two refs being looked at since he mainly deals with non-First Division matches.

The big fish is Edilson Pereira de Carvalho who calls both First Division and International matches. He has referred 11 games in the top Brazilian league this year. Brazil's sporting tribunal will decide if all or at least some of these matches will have to be replayed.

Obviously supporters of clubs that lost in games Carvalho called are angry at the possibility that the outcome was tainted. Carvalho got a taste of this anger when a fan slapped him as he left the police station.

This is a bad spot for Brazil. If they do not replay the matches, the whole season will be spoiled in some way. If they do replay everything, it will put stress on teams who have to play an extra game or two.

Still, I think the best solution is a full replay of all matches Carvalho took part in. It is the only way to have any sort of fairness in the results.


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