Thursday, July 28, 2005

Week 18 and my FC Dallas like performance

So how are my predictions like FC Dallas, they look good early and then fade, fade, fade away.

Maybe I have been too harsh in my criticism of the MetroStars. I think this might have to do with the whole "Super Club" idea, but I can't be sure. After last night's game, the amount of respect I have for the club has grown considerably while my concern that FC Dallas might be in for a long stumble has ticked up a few notches. Let it be known that Dallas was lucky to loose the game by only one goal. Sergio Galvan Rey, also know as the "King of Goals," was all over Dallas's missing backline. He had two goals called back in the first half plus one that counted in the 74th minute. I felt sorry for Dallas keeper Scott Garlick. The one piece of good news for Dallas is that Clarence Goodson looked amazing in offensive mode. He scored both Dallas's goals. Too bad he couldn't be as inspiring on the other side of the ball.

All in all, Dallas looked like the Dallas of last year while the MetroStars were determined. They both have a week and a half off before they meet again in Dallas for the opening of their new soccer stadium Pizza Hut Park. If Dallas can't get things back together for that match, it is going to be a long second half in Big D.

How about that New England Los Angeles match. It was just really good soccer. Both teams played conservatively in the first half, but in the second 45, they were more alive. With Donovan back in the line up, LA looked ready to play a game. The attack combo of Gomez and Donovan caught NE looking more then a few times. As for New England, Clint Dempsey had a productive outing. Both teams played equal matches so it is only fitting that they share the points.

So what did I learn from this week's guesses? If you are a member of any MLS club or in any way a supporter of any MLS club, please hope that I do not have the bright idea of predicting a victory for your side. Oh well, maybe I'll do better after the break.

My Guesses vs. Final Scores
Game (my guess) Final score
MetroStars - Dallas (0-2) 3-2
New England - LA (3-2) 1-1

Total so far this season: 2-6


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