Thursday, July 28, 2005

Terrorism vs. Hooliganism

No big shock here, but Germany is more concerned about terrorism during the World Cup then they are about hooliganism. Let's go to the article.

"Outbreaks of hooliganism have hit Europe this year, but several key Germans said Wednesday at an international soccer conference that they fear terrorism is the bigger threat."

I'm sure that Germany does very much not want to relive the 1972 Olympics, so I'm sure they will do everything they can to prevent such actions. However, I do wonder if hooligans, maybe align with more fascist friendly elements, might try to disrupt matches featuring teams from majority Islamic countries. Without getting to political, I am concerned about any matches featuring Turkey. There are plenty of Turkish individuals living in Germany, so they will have many fans at their games, however there is a mini-backlash going on in parts of Europe concerning Turkey and their quest to join the EU. I just hope people will put their political anger aside and let the players decide it on the field.


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