Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Let's hear it for the kids

The US Under-21 Women’s National Team dunked Norway 4-1 to win their seventh consecutive Nordic Cup.

Sorry to say, but I really have not been following this to closely, so I will have to direct you to this match report for the details. Here is a really good quote:

“Overall, it was a great finish to what has been a six-month journey and I told the team we needed to end it by getting the hardware,” said U.S. head coach Jillian Ellis, who won her second Nordic Cup after also leading the USA to victory during the 2000 tournament in Germany. “Lindsay Tarpley was a fantastic leader for us. She played anywhere I asked her to play, motivated the team and led by example. Chalupny and Heather were great today as well, their flank play was special, but everyone contributed and played very well. We got a lot of compliments from all the teams and coaches here.”

Now they get to come back to the states and get ready for their college camps.

Since we are on the subject of youth soccer, I just want to point out that the 2005 US Youth Soccer National Championships kicked off in Florida today. It's great to see tournaments like this taking place. This is how the US will continue to grow as a soccer power.


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