Wednesday, July 27, 2005

MLS Week 18 Predictions

MetroStars vs. FC Dallas
Wednesday @ 7:30pm EST

FC Dallas, fresh from their crushing defeats at the hands of Real Salt Lake and New England, will be looking to rebound on this trip up North. They will still be without Eddie Johnson (he should be back after the All Star Game) and Amado Guevara, but they should still have as much talent on the field as they need to laugh pass the Stars. However, their defense has been distracted by something over their last 120 minutes of soccer and unless it was a debate about the Space Shuttle being able to return to flight, they will have to prove that they are ready for duty. That said, Dallas's biggest advantage has got to be that they are playing a team called the MetroStars who are missing Youri Djorkaeff and Amado Guevera, thus accounting for their complete lack of a midfield. They have a solid man in goal with Tony Meola, but you can only knock so many balls aside before one of them beats you. I think this will start Dallas's recovery from the New England hangover.

MetroStars 0 - Dallas 2


New England Revolution vs. LA Galaxy
Wednesday @ 7:30pm EST

Oh wow, this one should be fun. Both teams are looking for a pick-me-up, but LA needs it more. LA has been on a slide since their June 18th lose to Dallas going 1-2-3 over the last six matches (one piece of good news, they have only been outscored 8-5 during this run). Yes, they have been without Landon Donovan for most of that time, but great teams find a way to keep it together when the star player is away. For proof of that, look no further then New England. They have been without Clint Dempsey, Pat Noonan and Steve Ralston for about the same length of time, but still managed to go 3-1-2 over the same period. New England is also just one point off of first in the East (however, Chicago has played 3 more games) while LA has tumbled from challenging Dallas for the top spot to seeing the not so ravaging beauty that is 3rd place. Something else that seems to be pointing NE's way, they have yet to lose at home this season. LA has not won away from the Hope Depot Center since June. That doesn't sound that bad till you realize that the June in question is the June from 2004. Bad time to be LA?

New England 3 - LA 2


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