Sunday, March 09, 2008

2008 Concacaf Olympic Qualifying Schedule

Concacaf has two tickets to Beijing for the Olympics this August and eight nations want them. To get there, teams will need to take one of the top two spots in their group and then make it past the semifinals. Both teams in the final on March 20th will represent the region in China.

The Concacaf tournament is taking place in America this time around with games in Tampa, LA and Nashville (Tickets Tampa, LA, Nashville).

Here is the full schedule:

Group A

Group B

Date Matches Venues Kickoff Times
March 11 Panama 0-1 Honduras Tampa, Fl 5:30 ET
March 11 USA 1-1 Cuba Tampa, Fl 8:00 ET
March 12 Haiti 0-1 Guatemala Carson, Ca 5:30pm PT
March 12 Canada 1-1 Mexico Carson, Ca 8:00pm PT
March 13 Honduras 2-0 Cuba Tampa, Fl 5:30pm ET
March 13 USA 1-0 Panama Tampa, Fl 8:00pm ET
March 14 Canada 1-2 Haiti Carson, Ca 5:30pm PT
March 14 Mexico 1-2 Guatemala Carson, Ca 8:00pm PT
March 15 Cuba 1-4 Panama Tampa, Fl 5:30pm ET
March 15 USA 1-0 Honduras Tampa, Fl 8:00pm ET
March 16 Guatemala 0-5 Canada Carson, Ca 5:30pm PT
March 16 Mexico 5-1 Haiti Carson, Ca 8:00pm PT
March 20 Guatemala 0(5)-(6)0 Honduras Nashville, Tn 5pm CT
March 20 USA 3-0 Canada Nashville, Tn 8pm CT
March 23 Guatemala 0(3)-(5)0 Canada Nashville, Tn 1pm CT
March 23 USA 0-1 Honduras Nashville, Tn 4pm CT

Fox Soccer Channel (English) and ESPN Deportes (Spanish) will air matches live in the US while will steam them on the internet.

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Good Luck USA! You are up against some very good teams. Show us you are the best!

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