Thursday, March 06, 2008

Game against FC Dallas could decide if Beckham gets 100th England cap

England Coach Fabio Capello might show up in Dallas on March 15th* to see the LA Galaxy take on FC Dallas and decide if Beckham is fit enough to call into camp for England's March 26th match against France.

Last month Capello left Becks off the roster for their game against Switzerland because he was not playing any competitive games, so it is odd that he is being considered for the March 26th game since LA is still in pre-season. LA is playing games, but they are just warm-ups. Are good centering balls against Shanghai Hong Kong United enough to earn him a spot?

Anyway, if Capello is in Dallas, expect to see Beckham play the full 90 and try to force some action (much like the Gamba Osaka game last month).

*Capello might want to check his schedule as he says the game is on the 14th, but it actually is on the 15th.

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Blogger Starting11 said...

Godddddd Cappello, give this guy his 100th cap already so we can stop talking about this. What a non-story!
What are the odds Beckham plays 20 games in MLS this year? Probably not very good when you factor injuries, MTV videoshoots and shopping sprees with Poshie.

7:08 AM  

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