Friday, March 07, 2008

MLS Expansion - Philadelphia sells 2,000 season tickets in a week

In just one week, the new Philadelphia MLS side has sold more then 2,000 season tickets for their inaugural 2010 campaign. Not bad for a team that doesn't have a signal player, coach or date for any games.

This is a really strong showing, however I'm sure more then a few folks in Seattle are unimpressed with Philly’s numbers since they sold 3,000 season tickets within the first 24-hours of their MLS announcement. That said, Seattle has a built in advantage as they already have a strong soccer team in the market (USL's Seattle Sounders), they have a stadium (Quest field) and they had less time till their kicked off their MLS life (15-months compared to 25 for Philadelphia).

One other thing, why is there no link off MLS's home page to the new Philadelphia team? Seattle is linked up top, why not Philadelphia?

If you are interested in buying season tickets for 2010 or just learning a bit more about the future team, here is the Philadelphia MLS web site. On a side note, why is there a picture of Columbus Crew fans on the Philly 'reserve your tickets now' link? I would think the Sons of Ben would be only too happy to give them a local born image.

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Blogger GS-1 said...

Seattle supporters can go here for info:

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Philadelphia "Web Page" isn't linked from because it's not an official league web page.

All MLS team sites are designed and run by a single agency contracted for by MLS HQ.

The Philly page is not. Thus, it's not going to be linked.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason for moderate ticket sales is due to moderate spending on advertising. My company, Quark Synergy Solutions is a marketing, advertising, and public relations company that does marketing campaigns for companies in the Tri-State area. We have contacts with the Wachovia, and all of the local radio stations in the Tri-State area. I, personally have not heard anything about our soccer team, except by typing it into Google search. I am an exclusive Philadelphia sports fan, my company will offer assistance with advertising at a discounted rate.
Thomas Johnson

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