Thursday, March 06, 2008

US to play Argentina June 8th at Giants Stadium

It is official, the US Men's National team will face FIFA's top ranked team, Argentina, on June 8th at Giants Stadium.

This match looks to cap off a simulated 'group of death' series for the US men as they play England on May 28th, Spain on June 4th and Argentina on June 8th. Since the first two games are in Europe and the third in the US, it will be interesting to see how coach Bob Bradley deals with issues of fatigue.

The US played Argentina in last summer's Copa America and the 4-1 defeat was not pretty. However, the US did not bring their A-team, so hopefully they will do better in New York.

Although these three games are only friendlies, this is a great test run for the 2010 World Cup. Facing difficult teams in hostile locations (expect Giants Stadium to have a pro-Argentina crowd) is what we all wanted and US Soccer has delivered. Congrats to the federation for making it happen.

US Men's 2008 schedule:
19 Jan - US 2-0 Sweden (Friendly)
06 Feb - US 2-2 Mexico (Friendly)
26 Mar - US at Poland (Friendly)
28 May - US at England (Friendly)
04 Jun - US at Spain (Friendly)
08 Jun - vs. Argentina at Giants Stadium (Friendly)
15 Jun - vs. Barbados-Dominica winner at LA (8pm ET/5pm PT) (World Cup Qualifier)
21/22 Jun - at Barbados-Dominica winner (World Cup Qualifier)

If they beat Barbados-Dominica winner (Word Cup Qualifiers)
20 Aug - Away
06 Sep - Away
10 Sep - Home
11 Oct - Home
15 Oct - Home
19 Nov - Away

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