Thursday, November 01, 2007

Next Tuesday a big day for San Jose Earthquakes stadium deal

A major test for the Earthquakes stadium deal will take place next Tuesday when the City Council takes a vote on extending Earthquakes' owner Lew Wolff's deadline for his final proposal. Recently the city voted to limit land-use (basically zoning issues) discussions to once a year (in March), however, Wolff, who needs some land rezones in order to pay for the new stadium, says he needs till June to finalize his proposal.

The concern is that if the council changes their new rule for Wolff, then other people can ask for similar changes. However, the author of this article suggests that Wolff offers a unique situation, as he is the only person who can bring a professional soccer team to the city.

We should know next Tuesday night if this argument is enough for the city to bend their rules.

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