Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kansas City fans finally get a little love

Kansas City Wizards fans must hold one of the hardest gigs in all of soccer. Year after year their team plays their matches in front of tiny, tiny crowds in an oversized stadium, and except for a couple of quality years, for the most part the team has not been the best. Still, the faithful are out there. They might not match the numbers of DC or Toronto fans, but they still no how to celebrate the game of soccer.

That's why it is so nice to see pieces like this talking about the atmosphere in the Cauldron.
For half an hour Saturday night, Lawrence freshman Anthony Frei and the other soccer diehards in sections 102 and 103 of Arrowhead Stadium sang, chanted and danced to the beat of bass and snare drums to support the Kansas City Wizards, who were in the midst of a fierce battle to take control of their first playoff game in three years.

In the 35th minute Davy Arnaud’s audacious free kick found its way past a diving Brad Guzan and rippled the back of the Chivas USA net. The 450 fans in the section of Arrowhead known as the Cauldron sent trash bags full of confetti and 120 blue-and-white checkered flags to the sky. They were rejoicing what would be the decisive goal in a 1-0 Wizards victory.
This is followed up by one of the best explanations I've ever seen about the joy felt by fans after a goal.

“Whenever a goal is scored it’s pandemonium,” Frei said. “There’s a huge amount of joy. In football, basketball and other sports your team scores at regular intervals. It’s all of that packed down into the one moment you are all waiting for.”

The article continues to explain the community that is a supporter's club and how they are trying to expand their numbers.

Anyone who is an involved fan will find nothing new here, but for those who might be curious fans, this hopefully will open their eyes. The more people that come out and experience a match, the more the sport will grow.

The one downside to this article, the Wizards have no more home games this season, so the curious will need to wait till April.

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