Friday, October 26, 2007

2018 World Cup getting closer to England

Fifa boss Sepp Blatter as personally assured Prime Minister Gordon Brown that rules will be changed to do away with the rotational hosting idea, thus allowing England and just about anyone else the chance to bid on the 2018 World Cup finals.

In addition, it now appears that the new rule will say that only the most recent confederation to host the finals will be barred from bidding. In the past, Blatter had suggested that the last two host confederations would be barred. This means that a return to the one in Europe, one somewhere else, one in Europe rotation is very likely.

One interesting part of the article says that England will 'face competition from Russia, the Benelux nations, Italy, Australia, China, Mexico and possibly the United States.' I don't really understand the 'possibility' in front of the US as they have openly said that they will bid (especially since the 2018 rotation would have gone to Concacaf if FIFA actually played by their own rules).

So there you have it, all signs point to England in 2018, although wouldn't it be funny if Russia snuck in and won it at the end?

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Blogger ERic said...


I'm OK with Europe and specifically England getting the tournament in '18. I couldn't believe that the World Cup would be away from Europe for more that 2 games in succession.

But I also sad that it'll go back to the 'every other tournament' schedule that it's been on for recent history. There's way too many places that the tournament should visit to put that limit on it.

Oh, well.

US for WC 2054!

11:45 AM  
Blogger Mike H said...

2054, I think you might be a little optimistic.

It is a shame that every other one will now be in Europe as FIFA is missing great opportunities to grow the game (and not just in the US).

As far as 2018, if it has to be Europe, I think England is the best choice.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

I already posted my thoughts on this farce -

3:05 PM  

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