Monday, November 05, 2007

Frank Yallop dumps LA for San Jose

Frank Yallop will no longer be Alexi Lalas's whipping boy as he has said 'good bye and good luck' to the Galaxy in favor of guiding the reborn San Jose Earthquakes again.

Yallop told LA's players after Sunday afternoon's charity exhibition match against Hollywood United. This move comes right before the Galaxy start their post-season world tour.

Fairly or not, Yallop's time with LA will be looked at as a failure. During his season and a half in charge, the team went 18-21-12 and failed to reach the playoffs both years. His job was made harder by injuries and the craziness that is the Beckham circus, but still, this has been a low point for his career.

Yallop now returns to the team that has given him the most success during his coaching years, but this time he will have to build the club from scratch. One big question about this move is could his close relationship with Landon Donovan help convince him to move back to the bay area?

On a different note, how much of a sigh of relief do you think the Houston Dynamo organization is breathing this morning as it looks like Dominic Kinnear will be staying with them after all?

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