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2007 MLS Week 26 Power Ratings

The league continues to have tiers, but I'm not sure exactly what is the top tier. Can you have a tier of just one? I ask because Chivas is showing some signs of faltering while DC continues to cover everything in black and red.

There is a lot of movement this week, but most of it is 'also rans' showing some late season resolve.

Anyway, here are the ratings:

1. DC United (Last week - 1) - Fred, Fred, Fred. Oh, wait, there is so much more. United are making it look too easy. They have not lost in league play since July 22 and have out scored their opposition 27 to 8. When everything comes together, this is what it looks like.

2. Chivas USA (2) - A bit of the calm that has over taken this team in the last two months fell away this week as Chicago and Blanco were able to disrupt the goats game. There passing wasn't as tight and their skill was lacking. Are these things only temporary or is something bigger happening out in LA?

3. Houston Dynamo (4) - Houston capped off a great September by finally looking like the Dynamo of last season. They were breaking up attacks, controlling out of the midfield and looking dangerous up top, but they still need to get Ching more involved in games. Injuries are still an issue, but things are starting to shine in South Texas.

4. New England Revolution (3) - New England continued their run of good defense with just enough offense to get by. They will always compete but I just haven't seen that little extra something they need to make the final push into the champion’s circle.

5. New York Red Bull (5) - The Bulls know how to recover but so much of what they do focuses on Reyna. Doe continues to impress and Angel excites, but they don't have the depth in the middle to make it to the end.

6. Chicago Fire (8) - Tie after tie after tie. The Fire don't know how to put teams away as all three of their most recent ties were due to goals allowed after the 80'. Combine that with their continued lack of scoring threats and you've got a frustrating situation. Still, they are competing for every ball and not giving up crap goals early.

7. FC Dallas (6) - This team is gutter balling. They changed things up for Denilson, but it wrecked what they had. There is nothing happening in the center of the field for them so all their scoring talent is left empty handed (or footed). It is sad to see such a quality team go to mud so fast.

8. Kansas City Wizards (7) - KC continues to limp their way to the playoffs as they cannot find space anymore. And when they do manage to open things up, they usually send shots ridiculously off target. With no consistent scoring options, KC is doomed.

9. Real Salt Lake (11) - They still don't have what it takes to get wins, but they are actually able to play for a full 90-minutes. Their skills are getting better and the goals are starting to come. Should be a very interesting off-season for the club from Utah.

10. Los Angeles Galaxy (13) - LA doesn't just need red cards to win games, who knew. The Crew game was a turning point for my image of LA. Just a month ago, an early goal would have resulted in about 2 more, but now the Galaxy actually play like a team that thinks winning is a possibility. They are still weak on the wings and any free kick taken by Donovan, yet they find ways of hitting hard.

11. Columbus Crew (9) - Where has their midfield gone and how can a team fighting for the final playoff spot relax so much in the first 10-minutes? With the schedule they men in yellow have (FCD, @ NE, @DC), I think they have washed themselves right out of playoff contention.

12. Colorado Rapids (10) - At least the Crew relaxed because they scored a goal, the Rapids didn't even seem to show up for their match. Some of the least enthused play in the league, yet they still could make the playoffs.

13. Toronto FC (12) - Three months without a victory while being outscored 24 to 5 is not a good thing, but at least they play every moment. They can't get goals, stop build ups or prevent shots, but they never stop. Toronto has energy, they just don't have the talent (due in part to injuries).

And like summer itself, week 26 is now a fading memory.

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Blogger Allen said...

When some folks started calling for Clavijo's head back in June it was dismissed by some as being premature. Apparently 2 1/2 years of crazy decisions, roller coaster form, non-performing draft picks and poor trades wasn't enough of a track record. Is this finally enough proof? Alas, I'm afraid some of those folks would simply point to Toronto and say "well, it could be worse".

I wouldn't rank RSL so high, though. Showing a bit of fight and competance surely shouldn't earn them a better power ranking than one of best teams during the last 4-6 weeks, the Galaxy.

2:33 PM  

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