Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mourinho might coach in US

The always fun Jose Mourinho has said that he wouldn't mind coaching in the US at the end of his career, which is some 20-years away. When Alexi Lalas heard the news, he announced that LA is the only place for Mourinho and that they will have him on their sidelines for the 2027 season.

Okay, that last part is a lie, but Mr. Chelsea wouldn't mind being part of the growth of soccer, just not anytime soon.

"I am tempted. In 20 years' time, yes, I would love to come," Mourinho said during a press conference in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, hours before Beckham was formally introduced as a Galaxy player in the southern suburbs of the city at the Home Depot Center in Carson.

"Beckham is at the end of his career as a player and when I am at the end of my career as a coach I would love it.

"The country is amazing and I think it is a big challenge to help soccer to become more important in this country.

"This is a sports country, that's for sure, but everybody knows that the hand games are in front of the foot games. The bat, the basketball, everything is in front of soccer for cultural and other reasons."

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