Friday, June 01, 2007

Earthquakes boss wants team for '08

Lew Wolff, the man behind the push to bring the Earthquakes back to San Jose, says he wants a club back in action for next season. However, he needs to convince the league to trust him.

"If they'll make the sale to us, trusting that we'll probably get a venue somewhere, we want to field a team next season," said Wolff, who added that he thought MLS was leaning in that direction.

If MLS is leaning in that direction, it is a switch from their current stance of stadium deals first then a club. However, with the 13 team schedule being a bit confusing, they might be willing to make the jump.

But where would the new 'Quakes play? Wolff says they might end up playing at multiple sites, however one location that would not get a game is Spartan Stadium. I guess the failure to reach a deal with San Jose State over building a new stadium is still rubbing Wolff the wrong way.

For their part, MLS is keeping quiet on the deal, but if they do award Wolff a team, how will it help him with his current stadium negotiations with the city. If they already have a club, it removes the whole 'if you don't do this, we will not get a pro team back' argument, however it might also put pressure on San Jose to not become the first city to lose a MLS franchise twice.

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Blogger Kenny said...

Didn't know where elese to put this, but looks like Las Vegas is serious about joining MLS.

They are ready to pluck down the

9:41 AM  
Blogger Mike H said...

Thanks for the link.

Was writing my post about as you commented.

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