Wednesday, June 06, 2007

2007 MLS Week 10 Wednesday Prediction

New York Red Bull (5-2-2) vs. Toronto FC (3-5-1)
7:00pm ET
TV: Direct Kick
Internet: MLStv

In one of MLS's finest moves, Toronto FC, Canada's only pro soccer club, will kick off their first meeting with New York at the exact moment the Canadian national team is kicking off the Gold Cup in Miami. Will this kill attendance numbers? We'll see. Anyway, Toronto comes into the match very light thanks to a red card (for swearing?) and international callups while New York pretty much have their A-team (minus Mathis for a justified red against KC). This will be a great test of just how far TFC have actually come, but I'm guessing it will not be far enough.

Predictions: Me NY 2-1 TFC, Wife NY 3-1 TFC

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