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2007 Copa America schedule

Copa America, South America's regional championship, will take place from June 26-July 15 in Venezuela. Tweleve teams will compete, ten from South America and two invited guests (Mexico & USA).

Here are the groups and their schedules:

Group A
DateTime (ET)TeamsCity
June 2620:45Venezuela 2-2 BoliviaSan Cristóbal
June 2616:00Peru 3-0 UruguayMérida
June 3018:15Venezuela 2-0 PeruSan Cristóbal
June 3016:00Bolivia 0-1 UruguaySan Cristóbal
July 318:30Bolivia 2-2 PeruMérida
July 320:45Uruguay 0-0 VenezuelaMérida
TV information: All games for Group A will air on GolTV in English and Spanish as well as TeleFutura in Spanish.

Group B
DateTime (ET)TeamsCity
June 2720:45Brazil 0-2 MexicoPuerto Ordaz
June 2718:30Chile 3-2 EcuadorPuerto Ordaz
July 116:00Brazil 3-0 ChileMaturín
July 118:15Mexico 2-1 EcuadorMaturín
July 418:30Mexico 0-0 ChilePuerto la Cruz
July 420:45Ecuador 0-1 BrazilPuerto la Cruz
TV information: All games for Group B will air on GolTV in English and Spanish. All Mexican matches will air in Spanish on Univision as will the Brazil-Chile match on July 1. The Ecuador-Chile (June 27) & Brazil-Ecuador (July 4) will air on TeleFutura in Spanish.

Group C
DateTime (ET)TeamsCity
June 2820:45Argentina 4-1 USAMaracaibo
June 2818:30Colombia 0-5 ParaguayMaracaibo
July 220:45Argentina 4-2 ColombiaMaracaibo
July 218:30USA 1-3 ParaguayBarinas
July 518:30USA 0-1 ColombiaBarquisimeto
July 520:45Paraguay 0-1 ArgentinaBarquisimeto
TV information: All games for Group A will air on GolTV in English and Spanish as well as TeleFutura in Spanish.

Knockout rounds
The top two teams of each group and the best two third place teams advance to the playoffs.
TV information: All games will air on GolTV in English and Spanish. Matches will either air on Univision (U) or TeleFutura (T) in Spanish.

July 7 - Quarter final 1 - Venezuela 1-4 Uruguay - Estadio Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui (U)
July 7 - Quarter final 2 - Chile 1-6 Brazil - Estadio Polideportivo de Pueblo Nuevo, San Cristóbal (T)
July 8 - Quarter final 3 - Mexico 6-0 Paraguay - Estadio Monumental de Maturín, Maturín (U)
July 8 - Quarter final 4 - Argentina 4-0 Peru - Estadio Metropolitano de Fútbol de Lara, Barquisimeto (U)

July 10 - Semi final 1 - Uruguay 2-2 Brazil - Brazil advances 5-4 on pks - Estadio Olímpico de la Ciudad Universitaria, Caracas (T)
July 11 - Semi final 2 - Mexico 0-3 Argentina - 8:50pm EDT - Estadio Polideportivo Cachamay, Puerto Ordaz (U)

July 14 - Third place - Uruguay 1-3 Mexico - 5:05pm EDT - Estadio Olímpico de la Ciudad Universitaria, Caracas (T)

July 15 - Final - Brazil 3-0 Argentina - 5:05pm EDT - Estadio José Pachencho Romero, Maracaibo (U)

Here is the final standings for the 12 teams:
1. Brazil
2. Argentina
3. Mexico
4. Uruguay
5. Paraguay
6. Venezuela
7. Peru
8. Chile
9. Columbia
10. Bolivia
11. Ecuador
12. USA

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