Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Miami FC's free beer giveaway

Looks like USL First Division side Miami FC has been reading the old posts at We Call It Soccer because they have decided to take part in the Free Beer Movement.

Miami is using the free beer to attract people to their Thursday and Saturday evening matches. From their press release:

"Miller Lite is providing FREE BEER throughout both nights (while supplies last) to fans 21 years old and over and noise sticks to everyone as they enter the stadium."

In addition, the games will be the debut of the Miami FC Cheerleaders plus the Miller Lite girls will be in attendance.

But there is an extra twist for the Saturday night game as there will also be a blood donation truck outside the park where "Miami FC players will be out donating blood and giving out free tickets to all those who donate as well."

Does this strike anyone else as a little odd? Should players really be donating blood so soon before a game and is it the smartest idea to get people to donate a pint of blood and then serve them free beer? I guess it will get them drunk quicker.

The movement lives on.

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