Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Colin Clarke would love Northern Ireland job

The man FC Dallas fired and the Virginia Beach Mariners lost when they went under is interested in the Northern Ireland coaching job.

Colin Clarke would greatly enjoy stepping into the shoes vacated by Lawrie Sanchez who has decided to stay on at Fulham.

It would be a great challenge and I would certainly love the opportunity.

"I have been coaching in America for the last 10 years and I have had success the last six years in the MLS.

"I have good credentials that would enable me to take the job. I am confident in myself and my own ability. I know what it takes to win games."

But the job is far from a sure thing for the made that turned FC Dallas from a last place finisher to kings of the West as Hartlepool boss Danny Wilson has been linked with the position as well. However, Wilson said, "as far as I am concerned it is no more than just speculation."

Hopefully Clarke will find a job soon as he is too good to not be on the sidelines.

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Anonymous Pesto said...

Lawrie was a legend for OWC. Anyone stepping up to fill those shoes is going to have a really hard time. Personally I don't think Colin is the man for the job. He'd probably start out by benching Healy and dropping Gillespie.

12:01 PM  

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