Monday, May 21, 2007

LA crams in another Beckham match in Minnesota

The LA Galaxy have added yet another meaningless match to their late season schedule as they will play some unknown team in the first "Copa Minnesota."

USL's Minnesota Thunder will announce the game on Tuesday. It will take place in October at the Metrodome.

I understand the idea of striking while the iron is hot but the Galaxy already have five matches scheduled between October 3 and 21st with three of them on the road. In addition, their September sees them play eight games. So in 51 days, they will play 13 games or one every four days. This is insane.

My guess is the match will take place on October 10th, as it is the only somewhat open place currently available on their schedule.

If you are a Galaxy fan you better hope they start earning some points soon because they are going to be mighty tied come the end of the season. Also, you might hope for them to lose in the Open Cup because the last thing they need know is more games to play.

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