Monday, May 21, 2007

Steve Morrow on Ruiz rumors and FCD

Coming off an impressive week that saw his side win three straight to reclaim to top spot in the West, FC Dallas coach Steve Morrow takes a moment to talk about the team and where they are going.

One of the big issues he discusses is his relationship with captain and trade rumor magnet Carlos Ruiz.
"There has been a lot of coverage surrounding Carlos the last few weeks and a lot of it unnecessary in my eyes," Morrow said. "He is still a very important player for us, a very important part of our team. He is our captain and he is very valuable to us. It is a shame he is going to miss the game against Chivas next week, which is unfortunate, and then he will be joining up with the (Guatemalan) national team just after that (to prepare for the Gold Cup), but we think very highly of him and we know that he is going to come good and he is going to score goals for his team.

"I've said it several times before, there are a lot of things that have been said that aren't true and there is no foundation for a lot of those things," Morrow added.

But Morrow talks about more then just Ruiz as he talks about his strategy for the year and how he sees his team getting stronger.

Just like any interview with a coach, he accents the positive, however there are still lots of little nuggets in the piece.

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