Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2007 MLS Mid-Week 7 fun - Houston Dynamo vs. Toronto FC

Houston Dynamo (2-2-1) vs. Toronto FC (1-4-0)
7:00pm ET
TV: Direct Kick
Internet: MLStv

The eight games of week seven kickoff tonight as the Dynamo cross the border and head to Toronto. Both teams are coming off impressive 3-1, so this should be fun.

Even with their recent success, both clubs have a few questions to answer. Toronto needs to prove the attack is as strong as it looked against Chicago while Houston, and more to the point Dwayne De Rosario, need to show that their midfield is actually back to acting like a team.

Houston should have the strength in defense and goal to show much better then the Fire, which means TFC will need to win this with their defense. As good as the team looked on Saturday, their defense was still prone to gaps and mistakes. Chicago could not figure out a way to make anything of them, but Houston will.

This will prove to be a difficult match for the Dynamo, but in the end, they should be able to get full points in Canada.
Predictions: Me HD 3-1 TFC, Wife HD 2-0

Update: I meant to add that TFC fans have been warned against throwing anything onto the pitch during the game so I doubt we will see another cushion toss. However, if we do, the league might fine the club. Also, will Dynamo Richard Mulrooney make his former team wish they hadn't traded him away?

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