Wednesday, May 16, 2007

George Best son wants to play in MLS, Sophia Loren ready to strip for soccer club and Jose Mourinho arrested

Some days the soccer world is so full of news that it is hard to read it all. Then there are the days when all you seem to find are odd items of interest. Today is one of those days.

It seems soccer and drinking legend George Best might have left us for the pitch in the sky, but his son Calum is interesting in carrying on his legacy as there is a report that he is interesting in playing for MLS.

"He realizes he could never break into English football at his age - but in America the standards and physical demands aren't so high and he really wants to give it a shot," the Star quotes a "pal in New York."

The interesting part is that Calum seems to be dating Lindsay Lohan, which leads the article to dub them the 'East Coast Becks and Posh.' Fun.

Oscar winning actress Sophia Loren has promised to perform a strip tease for Napoli soccer team is they earn promotion into Serie A.

Sophia said: "I hope Napoli win these last few games. You watch, if we go up I will do a striptease. The fans have a total passion, the city deserves promotion."

If seeing Loren naked, even at the age of 72, is not enough to motivate Napoli, nothing can.

Finally, Jose Mourinho, the happiest coach in all of the EPL, has been arrested over an investigation into his dog as it seems he might be an illegal alien (the dog, not Mourinho).

"The Sun newspaper reported that Mourinho, 44, rushed home from Chelsea's Player of the Year awards in London on Tuesday evening, refusing to let police take the dog and getting into an argument with officers. He was taken to a west London police station and given a caution for obstructing officers. No charges were filed."

Although Mourinho is free, the dog cannot be located.

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