Thursday, April 05, 2007

Champions' Cup - Houston Dynamo 2-5 Pachuca CF

The first 15-minutes spelt humiliation, but Houston soon responed and made a game of it. Houston had their chances and finished many of them, but they just could not stop the offensive on-slaught of Pachuca (that and they got a ref that likes to give a few extra seconds even when he should not).

Good work on the night goes to Wade Barrett who had stopped many plays before they became deadly. Another good award goes to keeper Zach Wells. That might seem odd for a game that saw them give up five goals, but there was really nothing he could have done about any of them.

In all, this was a really amazing match.

Houston now has to recover from these 120-minutes at 8,000 ft altitude in less then 72-hours before they start their MLS season against Los Angeles.

Both Houston and DC did the league proud, but again, the American league is left on the outside looking in.

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