Friday, March 30, 2007

Clint is a Bull, FCD wants an Argentine and Johnson to Boca?

Clint Mathis has been traded from Colorado to New York, in a move that could only make people think, "the Red Bulls couldn't find any other forward."

New York has been looking for help up front during the whole of the off-season. This search sparked many rumors on who might be coming in as a designated player, but in the end, Mathis was what they got.

Last year Mathis had his moments, but they were very few in number and often punctuated by stupid fouls that resulted in cards. That Bruce Arena is turning to him to guide their offensive attack has to worry the Red Bull faithful.

Mathis is due to join the team in Charleston, South Carolina today and is likely to mark his return to New York (he played for the MetroStars from 2000-03) on April 7 when they play Columbus.

Meanwhile, down in the oil palace known as Dallas, it looks like FCD is about to fill the hole in their midfield caused by the trade of Richard Mulrooney. Argentine Pablo Ricchetti is all but on the team, now they just need to work out some details with his visa. They expect this to take a couple weeks, but coach Steve Morrow is hoping he will be available for their April 7 opener against Real Salt Lake.

Ricchetti brings something special to the middle of the pitch for Dallas. His ability to read the game and his great touch will give the side more offensive options and should help take some pressure off their defense. And let's be honest, anything that takes pressure off their defense is pure gold.

Finally, as pointed out by reading 'Pitch to Pub', it looks like Boca Juniors are interested in Eddie Johnson.

Now that article is in Spanish and although my language skills are not great, it seems that chairman Mauricio Macri wants to get EJ for next season. If I recall my international soccer schedule correctly, that would mean a move during the August transfer window.

Johnson is one of MLS's stars, however the last two years have seen him collapse. As difficult as it would be for the league and Kansas City to let him go, they really should give him the chance, if he wants it. Sometimes players need to get completely out of their element to rework themselves. So far, his time back in MLS since his 2005 injury has not resulted in a reawakening of his play. If the next few months of MLS play do not sort him out, then, for the betterment of his future, he should go elsewhere.

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