Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dynamo get Diesel; how about downtown stadium?

Today, the Houston Dynamo welcomed a new member into their family, Dynamo Diesel the fox (pictured). No word if he is related to Goleo VI.

Eric Hulsey and Leslie Lopes of the Art Institute of Houston designed Diesel. For their work, they will each receive $500 scholarships from the Dynamo.

This fox will join the Dynamo Girls in promoting the team via marketing and community outreach programs.

In other Dynamo news, the city of Houston is looking at the possibility of building a new stadium downtown. The city is looking at a site just north of the Houston Astro's baseball stadium.

The team has been looking at various cities around the Houston area, including Webster and Pearland, but if the deal were right, it would be hard to turn down a stadium downtown.

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