Monday, April 23, 2007

US men to play Sweden in Europe

The US men will play their first match in Europe since the World Cup on Wednesday, August 22nd. The game will see the red, white and blue take on Sweden at Ullevi Stadium in Goteborg, Sweden.

Sweden is a quality team and the US should be happy to get this match. August will see the MLS playoff race off and running, so look for very few from the domestic league to make the trip. This should allow Bob Bradley the roster space to call in just about any European based player he might want to evaluate.

Between this match and the Copa America, the US men have at least four games scheduled against strong opponents in hostel environments. The lack of such games in the past has been one of the issues many people have pointed to as an explanation for the team’s woes in 2006 and it is very encouraging to see US soccer try to fix this problem.

The match against Sweden will air live on Fox Soccer Channel at 2:30pm ET.

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Blogger JDJ said...

I agree that the tougher matches will benefit the team for future competitions. I feel that the same is true for our players. They need to be playing and training at the highest level possible on a regular basis. Landon Donovan and his 2006 performance being the evidence of what a lack of ambition and exposure to regular high level competition produces.

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