Sunday, March 25, 2007

US-Ecuador starting lineups

US vs. Ecuador
12 noon ET, Today

The starting lineups have been released and it looks like Bradley is bringing together the core of last year's World Cup mixed with a few 'new' folks.

Here is the lineup:
GK - Tim Howard
D - Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Jimmy Conrad, Oguchi Onyewu
M - Clint Dempsey, Benny Feihaber, DaMarcus Beasley
F - Eddie Johnson, Landon Donovan, Brian Ching

A quick lineup of who needs to prove the most:
Lots to prove
Benny Feihaber - First cap so he needs to prove he can handle himself, he will see much more national team time.
DaMarcus Beasley - Real bad year that has seen him lose his brilliance. If he doesn't start rebuilding soon, he might not see many more camps.
Brian Ching - Can he really do it outside of MLS?
Eddie Johnson - Same problem Eddie has had for almost 2-years, he is missing that killer touch he once had. If it returns, so will all the praise because who doesn't like Johnson?

A bit to prove
Tim Howard - With Keller saying he still wants to be the number one, he needs to prove that he is the better, and younger, option.
Landon Donovan - Okay, he had a good performance against Mexico, but he needs to show that he is not a one team player.
Jimmy Conrad - Much like Donovan, he needs to prove that his strong game against Mexico had more to do with talent then a rivalry.

Little to prove
Oguchi Onyewu - However, if he wants to be considered for the captain's armband, he needs to show his leadership capabilities.
Carlos Bocanegra - Having a good year with Fulham, and is all but a US nat lock
Steve Cherundolo - Still an important part of Hannover 96, and will have a US spot till he fails.
Clint Dempsey - He has star status. His game against Mexico was not that great, but with more training time, ie less jet lag, he should be able to be the player we all know him to be.

Now what about the Ecuador lineup?

Here it is:
GK - Rorys Aragon
D - Ivan Hurtado, Ulises De La Cruz, Segundo Caicedo, Giovanny Espinoza, Neicer Reasco
M - Edison Mendez, Luis Valencia, Luis Caicedo
F - Felipe Caicedo, Carlos Tenorio

With all the defense in play, this will force the US strikers to do something they are not good at, act fast on the ball in the box (think back to the World Cup send off match against Morocco). If Johnson, Ching, Donovan and anyone else want to make a name today, they are going to need great first touches with wonderful, quick, reaction shots.

Prediction: US 2-1 Ecuador

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Blogger Pitch to Pub said...

These guys from Ecuador are some big dudes.

I'd like to see Twellman get some minutes with the full domestic/intl squad.

12:43 PM  

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