Tuesday, March 06, 2007

2007 Gold Cup Schedule

The draw is done and the games are set for this summer's CONCACAF Gold Cup. The first match kicks off on June 6 with Costa Rica playing Canada in Miami and concludes on the 24th in Chicago.

Here are the groups:

Group A
Costa Rica

Group B
Trinidad & Tobago
El Salvador

Group C

All times local
Group A will play all their group matches in Miami at the Orange Bowl. All games will air on Galavision in Spanish.
June 6 - 7pm Costa Rica v Canada, 9pm Guadeloupe v Haiti
June 9 - 7pm Canada v Guadeloupe, 9pm Haiti v Costa Rica
June 11 - 7pm Costa Rica v Guadeloupe, 9pm Haiti v Canada

Group B plays their first two matches in LA at the Home Depot Center and their final match in Boston at Gillette Stadium. All games will air on Telefutura in Spanish. US matches will also air in English on the Fox Soccer Channel.
June 7 - 6pm USA v Guatemala, 8pm El Salvador v Trinidad & Tobago
June 9 - 12pm Guatemala v El Salvador, 2pm Trinidad & Tobago v USA
June 12 - 7pm USA v El Salvador, 9pm Trinidad & Tobago v Guatemala

Group C has their first two matches in New York at Giants Stadium and their final match in Houston at Reliant. Games with either air on Galavision (G), Univision (U) or Telefutura (T) in Spanish
June 8 - 7pm Panama v Honduras (G), 9pm Mexico v Cuba (U)
June 10 - 4pm Honduras v Mexico (U), 6pm Panama v Cuba (G)
June 13 - 7pm Cuba v Honduras (T), 9pm Mexico v Panama (U)

The winner of Group A will play the second place team out of Group B on June 16 in Boston at 1pm and the winner of Group B will play the better third place team from Groups A or C.

The other set of quarterfinal games take place on June 17th in Houston with the best of Group C playing the better third place team from Groups A or B at 2pm and the second place Group C team playing the second place Group A team at 5pm.

Both semifinal matches will take place on June 21 in Chicago with the final happening on June 24th at 2pm.

Here is the city list along with the playoff games:
June 16 - Quarterfinal 1 - 1pm Canada (A1) v Guatemala (B2) (Telefutra)
June 16 - Quarterfinal 2 - 4pm USA (B1) v Panama (C3) (Fox Soccer & Univision)

June 17 - Quarterfinal 3 - 2pm Honduras (C1) v Guadeloupe (A3) (Univision)
June 17 - Quarterfinal 4 - 5pm Mexico (C2) v Costa Rica (A2) (Telefutra)

Semifinals - Final
June 21 - Semifinal 1 - 6pm Canada v USA (Telefutra, Fox Soccer Channel)
June 21 - Semifinal 2 - 9pm Guadeloupe v Mexico (Univision)
June 24 - Final - 2pm USA v Mexico (Fox Soccer Channel, Univision)

The US should be able to make it out of their group without much fuss, however look for Trinidad & Tobago and Guatemala to give them more trouble them they want. Mexico should also have a pretty clear shot in Group C. Group A will probably come down to Costa Rica and Canada. Smart money would look at Costa Rica, however Canada is developing.

Interesting to note that as long as the US and Mexico take one of the top two spots in their group, there is no way they could play each other till the final. Also, interesting to note that there is no third place match. I'm guessing that with the Copa starting so soon after this game, neither the US or Mexico wanted to risk playing a meaningless game if they failed to reach the final.

No word yet on tickets.
For tickets, look here.

You can find a downloadable schedule here. A little warning, there is a video on the page that plays automatically.

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Any idea if these matches will be on television?

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