Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The best old man in MLS

Another great day of BASA action over at Climbing the Ladder. Today we get the award for Old Player of the Year.

And the winner goes to Jason Kreis of Real Salt Lake. Coming in second is Cris Armas while Pat Onstad lands in third. Tony Sanneh (Chicago) and Claudio Suarez (Chivas) tied for fourth.

Here is my ballot:
1- Pat Onstad (Houston)
2- Jason Kreis (Salt Lake)
3- Chris Armas (Chicago)

Onstad was another force in goal this year. He might not have done what he did last year (but really, how could he?), but he still brought stability to Houston's backline and on more then a couple occasions, it was his work that kept the orange men in the game.

Scaryice disagrees with Kreis winning this award, and I guess since I put him in second, I do as well. Kreis had a good year with Salt Lake and did make some noise early in the season, but he seemed to fall off in the middle and towards the end. That said, his eight goals do make up almost 20% of Real's total.

I thought Armas had a very important season in the middle for Chicago. I'm thinking back to their long road trip and his name just keeps popping into my head. He was making the little plays that covered for other players or opened up passing options, which kept his side in the game. Perhaps I should have moved him to second instead of third.

Congratulations to Jason Kreis on his win. Tomorrow we get the BASA for Forward of the Year.

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