Monday, October 30, 2006

Who is the best MLS midfielder?

Without a doubt, that would be Christian Gomez. In an unanimous vote, the BASA committee went with the hero of DC United's middle. And why not as week after week, Gomez provided spectacular sense of mind with his play.

In second place was Dwayne De Rosario and then there were the other 11 players.

Here is my vote:

1- Christian Gomez (DC)
2- Dwayne De Rosario (Houston)
3- Justin Mapp (Chicago)

De Rosario had a wonderful year, but his work in the middle was not as top level as Gomez.

I went with Mapp for third because I thought he had a strong year and helped bring a consistency to the Fire's center. The other player I was thinking about giving that third place vote to was Ronnie O'Brien (FC Dallas) as his work this year was a massive part of Dallas's success this season.

Congratulations to Christian Gomez for the win. Tomorrow we will get the award for old man on the pitch.

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