Monday, October 16, 2006

Is Chivas looking to move out of the Home Depot Center?

Chivas USA has started talks with Cal Poly Pomona University about building a satellite center near the campus, causing people to wonder if a stadium deal could follow. It seems there is space just south of the school on land once occupied by a landfill.

"We've explored several different sites, with Cal Poly's property and another area in Ontario being a couple that we think make sense," said Javier Perez, executive director of the Brad Rothenberg-Richard Copeland Group, a marketing consultant hired by the team.

"Given the large Hispanic market and it being a central location that bridges Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire, makes it a great location," he said.

Antonio Cue, president of Chivas USA, says that the team will not move to the stadium any time soon. However, with a stadium needed to make a profit, who knows what is defined as soon.

Even if they don't build a stadium in the area, the training sessions and tournaments they bring to the area should help grow their support amongst the large Hispanic population in the area. That said, if they do build their permanent home on a former landfill, I'm sure supporters of the Galaxy or any other team in the league could come up with some good chants to throw at the goats whenever they come to town.

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