Friday, October 13, 2006

Star-Telegram to Sunil Gulati - Time to Resign

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has called on US Soccer President Sunil Gulati to resign. Okay, they don't want him to quit as US boss, instead they want him leave his part-time paid position as an advisor to New England Revolution/Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

They state that this represents a conflict of interest, even if Gulati takes every step to make it public and removes himself from any votes involving these interests.

Here is what Gulati says about the matter:

"There are times where there is a conflict or other times where there might be a perceived conflict. In those situations, we've set ways to deal with that. For example, if we had an issue at the Federation that involved Major League Soccer or directly the Revolution, the vice president would chair a meeting if I were recusing myself. I don't vote on issues that involve MLS or Soccer United Marketing, which are pretty rare. But, true, there might be situations where there might be a conflict, but that's fully disclosed to the membership of the Federation and certainly the Kraft family."

But they argue that what US Soccer needs now is a president that can be involved with every choice.

I must agree with their argument. Gulati should have more then enough work with US Soccer to keep him busy, and if he does not, he's not doing his job right. On top of that, by accepting money from the Revolution, he opens the door for questions regarding the fairness of any choice USSF make involving the team, it's players or the league. US Soccer does not need that.

To be clear, this is not a hit piece as they do point to some decisions he has made with which they agree, such as the firing of Bruce Arena and the possibility of splitting the roles of national team coach and technical director. Instead, they are looking at the finer issues of the USSF that most people don't really think about.



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