Friday, September 22, 2006

Romerio looking at Australia for 1000th goal

Brazilian striker Romario is open to the possibility of playing in Australia's A-League in order to get his lifetime goal total above 1,000. He is currently 16 goals short of this mark.

Romario just finished his season with USL-First Division side Miami FC. "'It was a positive experience, I scored 20 goals in 27 matches and the standard was better than I expected,' he said of his five months in the United States." Just a side note, the USL stats page lists Romario with 18, not 20 goals. However, this might not include post-season goals, of which Romario scored one.

Romario says he has been in contact with Adelaide United over a possible move to the club.


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This is way off-topic, but could I trouble you to check your email, Mike? I sent you a question yesterday on the origins of the Carnival of Soccer, which I'd like to know for something else I'm working on. Then again, I can ask it here as well:

Who started the Carnival of Soccer? I'm just trying to see that the right people get credit.

Sorry to horn in on the comments and thanks for your time. Feel free to answer either here, over email or in my space.

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