Monday, September 18, 2006

CONCACAF President Jack Warner now claims he was setup

With allegations of making almost a $1 million profit off of illegal sold World Cup tickets being leveled against him, CONCACAF President and FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner says he was setup by FIFA's general secretary Urs Linsi.

Last week news broke that Warner had illegal sold 5,400 World Cup tickets for five times their face value. Auditors Ernst & Young put this report together.

In a 12-page document compiled by Chicago lawyer John Collins and his own Swiss attorney Dr Mark Bruppacher, Warner denies the charges saying that he is the victim of an "incomplete" and "fatally flawed" investigation by Ernst & Young (you can find the 12-page document here).

Warner "has instructed Bruppacher to bring charges for defamation, and to take action for violation of his personal rights, against persons unknown and in the environment of Fifa and Ernst & Young."

When this story first broke, it looked like FIFA President Sepp Blatter would refer it to the new independent investigation group. However, Blatter decided that his good friend Jack Warner would not need to face such an investigation over this massive fraud accusation and instead he referred the decision to the current 19-member disciplinary committee.

It would seem to me that if Warner was setup, he would want an independent investigation to take place and find the person who brought shame to the classy name of Jack Warner. That is unless it is not Linsi who brought such shame to his name.



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