Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Red Bulls get to work on their stadium

New York was the first team in the league to bring up the idea of building a stadium way back in 1996. In the 10-years since then, there have been numerous annoucements regardin such a stadium, with most of them ending with the line "expect another major annoucement in 6-8 weeks." Needless to say, 6-8 weeks whould fly by with nothing coming of it.

However, at long last they have done it. Ground was broken yesterday at about 11:30am. Soon after the fanfare of the ground breaking, the big trucks moved in to start clearing the area.

If all goes as planned, the first game should be played on the pitch in July of 2008.

By all accounts, this will be the best soccer facility in America and will be the center of a $1 billion building project.

Congratulations to New York fans and to the club for finally getting this done.



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