Friday, September 29, 2006

Good explanation of the Jack Warner case

As most American soccer fans know, Jack Warner is again under investigation. This time it has to deal with the illegal sale of World Cup tickets that resulted in an almost $1 million profit.

Anyway, for a better explanation of the charges against Warner, I recommend Andrew Rogers' piece on Square Football. He explains the issues and what Warner is claiming happened.

I enjoy the simple recap of what has happened, but Rogers also makes a good point about the way FIFA comes down on players, but not there own.

The second issue is we have an administration that for whatever reason spends significant amounts of money investigating its own employees. While this may be a ‘reality” of business, it is rather curious that they will stomp on players, managers and clubs for all manner of reasons, when in fact their behavior is often little worse than back chatting the ref.

Good points all around.


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