Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chicago Fire win US Open Cup

Chicago Fire 3-1 LA Galaxy

The Chicago Fire own the US Open Cup. Whatelse can someone say after they dominted LA 3-1 to win their fourth title.

All and all, last night's match was one the best, if not the best, 'MLS matches' I've seen this year. The first half saw play stretching over the entire length of the pitch with lots of smart one and two touch soccer. The action calmed down at the start of the second half, but after the hour mark, it stepped back up again.

All credit to the Fire for coming out and basically putting the match away in the first 20-minutes. Any Herron, Justin Mapp and Ivan Guerrero were just slicing through the Galaxy's lines and playing the type of game that could carry them to the MLS finals. Also, great show by Matt Pickens in goal. When the Fire needed a save, he made it.

For the Galaxy, this should act as final notice for their need to improve the midfield in the off season. Cobi Jones is a legend, but if LA wants to have any stength in the middle, they need to move on. For further proof of the need to change, look at Santino Quaranta. He was the engine for the club last night. Find someone else to team him with and you might have something.

A couple other good notes, the fans in Chicago started to prove something last night. They are not at DC United level yet, but Barra Brava and the Screaming Eagles need to start watching their backs. Maybe next time, each person could bring one friend and sellout the stadium. Also, note to Landon Donovan, there are microphones in the corners. Nothing like hearing Landon curse at the linesman after a Chicago player kicked the ball away while he was trying to setup his corner kick. Finally, the level of play on the pitch last night is what should be seen during every MLS match, not just the ones that result in a trophy.

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