Tuesday, September 12, 2006

CONCACAF President Jack Warner being investigated again!

CONCACAF has another embarrassing moment coming their way as the head of the organization Jack Warner (picture) is again being investigated for abusing his position for personal gain. Warner is also one of FIFA's Vice Presidents.

This time FIFA is looking into the illegal sale of $1 million in tickets during the World Cup. "According reports Tuesday in Britain's Daily Mail, Warner of Trinidad and Tobago was involved in the sale of thousands of World Cup tickets on the black market, including to 900 England fans."

FIFA says Warner made at least $933,000 from these illegal activities.

This is just the latest in Warner's greatest hits against the game of soccer. In February he was found guilty of illegally selling tickets in Trinidad and Tobago through his own family's travel agency. Prior to that he allegedly secured stadium construction contracts at more then twice their value and obtained the Caribbean TV rights to the World Cup for a fraction of the cost and then resold them at a huge profit.

What is it going to take for the US, Mexico, Costa Rica and the rest of CONCACAF to stand up to this sort of corruption? This man is hurting the great game and has done next to nothing to make the confederation better. What has Warner done to build up the various domestic leagues in the confederation and what has he done to build up international competition?

Absolutely nothing.

If we want CONCACAF teams to stand a change in events like the World Cup, we need a leader who can build up the needed infrastructure. We need more and better international club competitions. We need better playing surfaces for national teams. We need someone to get a TV deal that benefits everyone, not just their inner circle. But we will never come anywhere near that with corruption rotting away at the top.

If US Soccer President Sunil Gulati does not come out and publicly reprimand Warner after all this, then he is failing our country and our confederation. We are long past sitting around whistling while corruption reigns.

Fire Jack Warner now!



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