Friday, September 15, 2006

FIFA tried to cover up Warner theft - Whitewash is everywhere

Seemly stepping back from comments he made just yesterday, FIFA President Sepp Blatter now says the new independent ethics committee will NOT look at the issue of Jack Warner illegally selling almost $1 million in World Cup tickets. Instead, Warner will have to go in front of the 19-member disciplinary committee.

I do believe that this is the same committee that did not punish Warner earlier in the year when he tried to force all Trinidad and Tobago tickets to be sold along with travel packages through his family's travel agency.

Boy, I wonder how the committee will rule this time?

However, that is not the grossest portion of Blatter's comments. It turns out that FIFA wanted this to all be handled internally and is pissed that one of their crooks has been exposed in public.

The Daily Mail reported it had obtained confidential reports produced by auditors Ernst & Young for FIFA revealing that Warner made at least US$933,000 (€736,100) trading in World Cup tickets.

Blatter confirmed that FIFA had been notified of the ticket sales by Ernest & Young months before making the information public, and said the organization had sought to deal with the case internally.

He said internal documents passed to the press which revealed details about the irregular ticket sales were "a leakage which we will try to identify."

How much you want to bet the 'leak' goes to the new independent committee while Warner gets to have his friends decide his fate?

This is nothing short of a disgrace. Once again FIFA proves that they don't care about corruption or the game, as long as those in power make money.

Thanks to the greed of Blatter, CONCACAF and world football continue to suffer.

PS - If anyone who reads this is a soccer reporter or knows someone who is a soccer reporter, please write about this story. The only way this has a chance of changing is if the press makes the environment too toxic for Warner to stay.



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FIFA protecting one of their own? I'm shocked...

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