Thursday, September 14, 2006

New FIFA investigator to go after Jack Warner

Could it actually be true? Is FIFA going to get serious about ending corruption in their ranks? That is what FIFA President Sepp Blatter has promised with the introduction of the body's first independent watchdog.

Blatter is set to announce the hiring of a Briton to head the new group and their first task is Jack Warner (picture).

For those who have missed the wonder that is CONCACAF President and FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner, here is a crash coarse on the man: crook. For more, look here.

Anyway, FIFA will be looking into Wonderboy Warner's amazing ability to ignore FIFA's rules (remember, he is a Vice-President of the organization) and illegally sell World Cup tickets on the black market.

With the suffocating grasp Warner has on CONCACAF, we need FIFA to come through here. This man has not right to still be involved in soccer. Hopefully this independent group will actually be independent and free to investigate all aspects of this fraud. Perhaps then, and only then, will we see Warner and people like him removed from the game.

As much as I do applaud this announcement, I remain skeptical. After all, we are still talking about FIFA.



Anonymous Bob said...

Is FIFA appointing the "independent" investigator? If that is the case, you know what the result will be. Jack Warner has more lives than a cat and about as small of a brain.

6:09 PM  

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