Monday, July 31, 2006

Five match ban for racist players - Two matches for divers

In a move designed to cut into the racists overtones that sadly still infect European soccer, UEFA has ruled that, "anyone who insults the human dignity of a person or group of persons, by whatever means, including on grounds of color, race, religion or ethnic origin will now face a maximum five-game ban."

"In addition, any club whose supporters engage in racist or discriminatory conduct will receive a minimum fine of 30,000 Swiss francs (US$24,250; €19,000)."

UEFA can hand down harder penalties if they feel it is deserved.

Having tough penalties for these actions is a good first start, but it will really come down to enforcement. At some point this season UEFA will have to make a difficult decision that might very well cost a team millions. If they stand up to the financial pressure and do what is right, then there is a chance this might work.

In other news, UEFA also said that players that fake fouls and injuries would face a two-match ban. I think this one will be harder for them to enforce then the racist ban.

Other rulings:
- If a team has five or more players yellow carded during a match, then the team will be punished under new 'improper conduct of a team' regulations.
- There is now an eight-year bar for prosecution of players for doping offenses.
- Referees' on-field decisions are still the final word.


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