Friday, August 11, 2006

And the stadium talk turns to Salt Lake

Update of the story here.

With New York's stadium news out in the open, the MLS stadium talk has now turned to Salt Lake where something very interesting happened on local radio today. Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson said that there will be groundbreaking for the stadium tomorrow.

Real Salt Lake's owner Dave Checketts has stated all along that he wanted a deal by August 12th and if mayor Anderson is to be believed, he might just have Real Madrid's David Beckham plunge the shovel into the dirt to celebrate the start of construction.

Even if we do not get to see Beckham as a ditch digger, there could still be a major announcement about such a deal tomorrow.

Anderson says that it is very likely any stadium will be in Sandy, however, there as been a lot of talk recently about the Geneva Steel site, which is located near Orem, Utah (Orem is about 20-miles south of Sandy and 35-miles south of Salt Lake, next to the green arrow on the map).

If this all comes to happen, it will be an amazing day for Real Salt Lake and an end to a fantastic week for MLS (new TV deals, All-stars beat Chelsea, largest crowd every to watch a soccer match in the US and New York's groundbreaking date set).

For more on this, look at Are you Loyal?.

Update: The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that a deal is in place and now it is up to Real Salt Lake to say 'yes' (hat tip to Are you Loyal?). In additon, the deal would move the club to Sandy, not Orem, as mentioned above.

Last week MLS Commissioner Don Garber called out the fokes in Utah directly in his state of the league address. Could this, have helped move this deal from the 'never' to 'now' pile?

Don't forget the US Soccer Carnival part IV.

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