Thursday, August 10, 2006

Captain Keller

America's steady man in front of the net Kasey Keller has been selected as captain by his Borussia Moenchengladbach teammates.

"I'm honored and very happy, but it doesn't make a big difference for me -- I've always spoken my mind anyhow,'' Keller said Thursday.

Moenchengladbach's former captain, Jeff Strasser was told by the team's coach to find a new club back in June.

The team has seen a great deal of investment in players and a new stadium, so Keller's role is very important. This is a club who wants to again rival Bayern Munich. To make that happen, they will need proven leadership on the pitch.

An American at the helm of a club like this is fantastic. Every American who climbs the ladder of European and world soccer makes it that much easier for the players the come after him.

Keller is a remarkable talent and I look forward to watching him as club captain.


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