Friday, August 11, 2006

NY Red Bull announces groundbreaking date for stadium

Could it be that the great joke that has been a soccer stadium for the team from New York that plays in New Jersey is about to come to an end?

After years of 'expect a major announcement in 60-90 days' announcements, today AEG announced a major announcement. The date for the groundbreaking of the new home of the New York Red Bulls has been set for September 19th at 11:30am ET. The completion date is summer 2008.

The stadium will cost $100 million and will "feature a 360 degree 'European"-style roof/canopy covering the majority of the seating area, spacious locker rooms, sound and lighting systems specially tailored to the unique surroundings of Red Bull Park, the finest turf to create soccer's best pitch and well-appointed hospitality areas featuring 63 luxury suites positioned only 12 rows from the playing surface."

As with all things related to soccer stadiums in general and New York soccer stadiums specifically, I'll wait to pop the cork on the excitement bottle till some ground is thrown around, but it is still fun to see some sort of progress made. After more false starts then I care to remember, they have finally set a date.

Still, breaking ain't building, so this is just the first step on a journey that might end up being very long.



Blogger maradawga said...

I actually would prefer until I see the first kickoff there to celebreate (who knows what they'll dig up while building) but it's certainly a refreshing change from 60-90 days.

3:58 PM  
Blogger Mike H said...

"who knows what they'll dig up while building"

So true, it is New Jersey after all ;)

4:59 PM  
Blogger twohundredpercent said...

$100m? That's about £60m, right? Sounds like a steal. Wembley Stadium has cost £800m so far (about £1.5b). They say it's going to be the best football stadium in the world. For that sort of money, I expect it to be fucking FLOATING.

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will probably seat 1/4 of Wembley's total- just 25,000.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

That stadium looks really cool.

6:50 AM  
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