Sunday, July 09, 2006

How did FIFA's rankings to this World Cup

Every month FIFA releases world rankings that somehow show how good teams are. Every month people argue about what these rankings really mean. Well at least for now, we have an answer. Below is a list of each team from the cup, their June '06 ranking and how they did in the cup. You can decide what you think of the rankings.

TeamJune '06WC result
Czech Republic2ndFirst round
Netherlands3rdFinal 16
Mexico4thFinal 16
USA5thFrist round
Spain5thFinal 16
Portugal7th4th place
France8th2nd place
Italy13thWC Champions
Sweden16thFinal 16
Japan18thFirst round
Tunisia21stFirst round
Iran23rdFirst round
Croatia23rdFirst round
Costa Rica26thFirst round
Poland29thFirst round
Korea Republic29thFirst round
Côte d'Ivoire32ndFirst round
Paraguay33rdFirst round
Saudi Arabia34thFirst round
Switzerland35thFinal 16
Ecuador39thFinal 16
Australia42ndFinal 16
Serbia and Montenegro44thFirst round
Trinidad and Tobago47thFirst round
Ghana48thFinal 16
Angola57thFirst round
Togo61stFirst round



Blogger UtahGamer said...

While not dramatic, there is a statistically significant relationship between the FIFA rankings and the performance of the various teams. Higher ranking teams did better, overall, than lower ranking teams. I tested it statistically by calculating Spearman's Rho (a measure of the degree of relationship between variables measured as ranks, like these). The value of Rho was .365, which had a probability of occurring of .04, which we in statistics consider unlikely enough that we trust the relationship is 'real.' The .04 is the probability of observing the .365 value if in reality there were no relationship between FIFA rank and WC outcome (an actual Rho of zero). Furthermore, WC final ranking (taking into account breaking ties) and WC Points earned in group stage both correlate with FIFA rankings at about .42 with a probability of occurring for each of about .015, very low probability.

Therefore, based on this analysis, FIFA rankings don't define the nature of the world, but do provide some reasonable rankings, particularly in distinguishing between top tier and a lower tier of teams.

2:51 AM  
Blogger Josiah said...

I agree with what utahgamer is saying, I also think that the ranking tend to be quite bias to the larger nations compared to the smaler nations.

For example you can see the Ghana is ranked 3rd to last.

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